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Yoga And Its Amazing Benefits

The benefit of yoga

Derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji,” meaning yoke or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. Rooted in Indian philosophy, it began as a spiritual practice but has become popular as a way of promoting physical and mental well-being.

Although classical yoga also includes other elements, yoga as practiced in the United States typically emphasizes physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana). Popular yoga styles such as iyengar and hatha yoga focus on these elements.

It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

Practicing yoga is said to come with many benefits for both mental and physical health, though not all of these benefits have been backed by science.

Let’s take a look at 10 amazing benefits of yoga to the health:

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Relieve anxiety
  3. Reduce inflammation
  4. Improve heart health
  5. Improve quality of life
  6. Reduce chronic pain
  7. Promote sleep quality
  8. Improve flexibility and balance
  9. Improve breathing
  10. Promote healthy eating habit.

So, it’s worth to start practicing with Yoga, right? If you have interest on this subject, the most effective way is reading a book. Let’s take a look into our list for you!

1. Gentle Yoga For Arthritis

  • Edition: 1st Edition
  • Authors: Laurie Sanford, Nancy Forstbauer, Jo Brielyn
  • File Size: 5.70 MB
  • Format: Epub
  • Pages: 112
  • Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
  • Published Year: 2014
  • ISBN-10: 1578264480
  • ISBN-13: 9781578264483
Gentle Yoga for Arthritis

Gentle Yoga for Arthritis 
shows you how to integrate yoga into any existing exercise routine, to improve your overall health and well-being. Yoga stances release muscular tensions, easing the strain on the body’s joints, while increasing balance, strength, and flexibility. Additionally, breathing techniques encourage better circulation to help your extremities stay loose and healthy.

Gentle Yoga for Arthritis also includes:
· An overview of the causes and symptoms of arthritis
· Helpful diet and lifestyle tips to reduce symptoms
· An introductory guide to understanding the benefits of yoga
· Important precautions to ensure safety during yoga practice

Whether you are beginning to experience arthritis symptoms, or whether you want to adopt a lifestyle to prevent arthritis from ever happening, Gentle Yoga for Arthritis is your complete guide to creating a customized yoga practice specifically for your needs.

2. Yin Yoga

  • Edition: 1st Edition
  • Authors: Ulrica Norberg
  • File Size: 7.76 MB
  • Format: Epub
  • Pages: 160
  • Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
  • Published Year: 2014
  • ISBN-10: 1626363951
  • ISBN-13: 9781626363953
Yin Yoga

A yin yoga practice incorporates poses designed to improve the flow of qi, the subtle life force essential to organ health, immunity, and emotional well-being. The postures are moved through slowly and mindfully, gently allowing tendons, fascia, and ligaments to stretch as circulation improves and the mind becomes calm.

Experienced yoga teacher Ulrica Norberg describes how to balance yin and yang on and off the mat, sharing her own experiences and offering wisdom for adapting the yogic principles in modern life. Readers will learn to develop their own individualized yin yoga practice, complete with a yin yoga flow, visualization techniques, and ayurvedic health principles.

3. Yoga

  • File Size: 773.10 KB
  • Format: Epub
  • Pages: 56
  • Published Year: 2015
Amazon.com: Yoga: A Practical Yoga Guide for Beginners for Increased Health, Well-Being and Longevity (Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga Guide, Meditation) eBook: Goshin, Baika: Kindle Store

Do you want a fitter, leaner, younger-looking and healthier body? You’d be mad if you didn’t! Yoga is a proven method of achieving these with correct and regular practice.

In this book you will find proven steps and strategies on how you can use yoga to enhance your health and spiritual well-being, including pictures for the yoga poses.

Some Of The Benefits Include:

  • The History of Yoga
  • Requirements to Start Yoga
  • General Guidelines for Yoga
  • Choosing the Type of Yoga to Practice
  • Yoga Schools from Hatha Yoga Order
  • Yoga Schools from the Raja Yoga Order
  • Basic Yoga Poses
  • The Characteristics and Benefits of Yoga

4. Yoga And Parkinson’s Disease

  • Edition: Large Print Edition
  • Authors: Peggy Van Hulsteyn, Scott Sherman MD PhD, Barbara Gage, Connie Fisher
  • File Size: 10.07 MB
  • Format: Epub
  • Pages: 196
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company;Demos Health
  • Published Year: 2014
  • ISBN-10: 1617051721
  • ISBN-13: 9781459673625
Yoga and Parkinson's Disease

Yoga and Parkinson’s Disease is a practical how to guide to using yoga to manage stress, improve mental alertness, increase flexibility, correct posture and improve the quality-of-life of readers with Parkinson’s. It follows the author’s own experience and research studies in the subject that have shown a correlation between yoga practice and better health and outcomes after a Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis

Yoga and Parkinson’s Disease shows how yoga ameliorates difficulties that accompany Parkinson’s, including mobility, range of motion, balance, and guides towards leading a healthier life.

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