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Top 10 most delicious dishes of Thai cuisine


Thai culinary culture has its own unique flavor, extremely unique and delicate, which is a harmonious blend of sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavors, sometimes mixed with a bitter taste, mixed in it. little East and West. Thai culinary delicacy has a combination of many cultures of neighboring countries such as India, China, Myanmar, Indonesia … However, Thai cuisine is not dissolved or eclipsed by the cuisine of these countries that create their own character, unique and attractive.

So in this article, let’s find out what are the 10 most delicious dishes in Thai cuisine?

1. Tom Yum Goong – the quintessence of delicious Thai cuisine

The specialty of Eastern cuisine lies in the soup dishes. The hot soup bowl in the middle of the rice tray is always considered the soul of the meal, while the flavor lies in the remaining dry dishes.

Tom Yum Goong - the quintessence of delicious Thai cuisine
Tom Yum Goong – the quintessence of delicious Thai cuisine

Tom Yum Goong is a strong affirmation for Thai cuisine with its distinctive pungent and sour taste. Being in the top 8 of the 50 best dishes in the world voted by CNN, Tom Yum Goong is loved and chosen by many world friends when enjoying Thai cuisine. This shrimp soup will only be delicious when the shrimp used as the ingredient is the best fresh shrimp, and the herbs are used in a hand, to enhance the flavor of the dish.

There are two types of shrimp soup: clear water soup and condensed broth. To make the broth thick and fragrant, Thai people often add coconut milk or milk and this way of processing alleviates the somewhat strong flavors, also expressing the Asian spirit faintly in the fatty, hot spicy flavor. . When the bowl is presented, Tom Yum Goong is always sprinkled with a little freshly chopped cilantro leaves. Coriander leaves not only add a fresh flavor, but also play a role in color balance for a complete dish in both flavor and appearance.

2. Som Tam – Thai famous salad dish

This is very famous street food in Thailand and you can easily find any market or food court. Similar to the famous papaya salad, Som Tam has the characteristic crunchy flavor of the shredded green papaya, the sour taste of fresh lemon juice, the unforgettable salty taste of dried shrimp, and the crispness of hot roasted peanuts.

Som Tam
Som Tam

The deliciousness of this dish lies in the hand of the chef preparing the dipping sauce. The dipping sauce in every place is different, with a taste that is both strange and familiar and easy to feel. Som Tam – Thai culinary delicacy is often eaten as a play dish, however, it is sometimes served with vermicelli to ease the spicy taste, as well as suitable for many people’s preferences.

3. Pad Thai – Thai special stir-fried pho

Pad Thai is one of the famous dishes of Thailand. This is also a kind of pho but has a characteristic sour taste of tamarind juice, the fatty taste of golden roasted peanuts mixed with a slight spiciness from the paprika and the sweetness of shrimp. All flavors make up a traditional Thai dish that is loved by many people.

Pad Thai - Thai special stir-fried pho
Pad Thai – Thai special stir-fried pho

Pad Thai is a delicious Thai culinary delicacy that is a combination of many different ingredients such as pasta, bean sprouts, onions, radishes, peanuts, fresh shrimp, eggs, … but the processing is very simple. One of the things that set Pad Thai apart is the sauce. Everyone has their own recipe and uses different sauces to create a very distinctive charm in Thai cuisine.

4. Green-red curry

Curry is a very popular dish in Thailand, the most famous of which are green curry and red curry. Unlike Indian curry, Thai curry has a fatty taste and mild aroma of coconut milk and not too strong the smell of cinnamon anise. This dish is often cooked with a variety of vegetables such as bamboo shoots, eggplants, lime leaves, green peppers, garlic onions, galangal and beef, chicken or seafood …

Green-red curry
Green-red curry

Red curry is an extremely spicy dish, usually cooked with chicken breast fillet combined with a little creamy red curry, crushed peanut sauce, and of course a lot of chilies. Red curry is often served with white rice.

If you can’t eat spicy, green curry will be the right choice. Of course, chili is an indispensable ingredient but has been greatly reduced. In addition to coconut milk, green curry also has the presence of basil, coriander … as well as many other spices.

Thai green curry can be cooked with any type of meat, but the most popular is beef, pork, chicken and fish balls. This dish is usually served with rice or with rice noodles Khanom chin.

5. Thai hot pot

Thai hot pot is a delicious Thai culinary dish with very good taste and easy “addicted”, favored by many diners. Thai hot pot is indispensable for the spicy taste of fresh chili, the aroma of lemon leaves, fresh ginger, and a little sweetness of sugar. The main ingredients of Thai hot pot are seafood such as sea crab, fresh squid, scallop, tiger prawn, sea bass, mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh chili, cilantro, garlic, onion, lime leaves, lemongrass …

Thai hot pot
Thai hot pot

Thai hot pot broth is a combination of many flavors including the characteristic sour taste, the sweetness from the broth, a little spicy of ginger, chili, the strong taste of pepper, the sweetness of sugar. A Thai hot pot is prepared very meticulously and beautifully presented.

6. Khao man gai – Thai style chicken rice

If Westerners eat fish and chips, Thai people often eat Khao man gai. This dish is mostly served during the day in restaurants and restaurants. Chicken is usually boiled until tender, while the chicken broth is used to cook rice. This is a delicious but cholesterol-rich dish eaten with a spicy and sweet sauce. This is a great snack.

Khao man gai
Khao man gai

The Khao man gai dish included garlic rice, sliced chicken, broth and a spicy sauce.

7. Laap pet

To make this dish, people chopped cooked pieces of duck meat, then mixed with lemon fish sauce, chili and mint leaves and some other vegetables to make the dish more colorful and flavorful. . When eating, Thai people often eat this dish with sticky rice to mix with spices. This is a Thai culinary delicacy that is not too famous in restaurants, but once you try it you will feel the culinary quintessence of this dish!

Laap pet
Laap pet

8. Thai milk tea

The street food that attracts many tourists in Thailand is milk tea. The popular Thai milk tea comes in orange and blue colors. Typical orange tea is made from black tea with milk (powdered milk, condensed milk or cream). The cup of milk tea is rich in fat but still does not lose the signature tea scent. This refreshing drink can be found anywhere in Thailand at an affordable price.

Thai milk tea
Thai milk tea

9. Mango sticky rice

This is one of the very famous street food in Thailand. The people of Golden Temple eat mango sticky rice as a dessert. The slightly sour taste of mango will help neutralize the sweet and fatty coconut milk, creating an unforgettable taste for this dish.

To have a delicious dish of sticky rice, the cook has to go through many great steps. Rice cooked with sticky rice must be delicious, evenly grainy, soaked overnight to soften before cooking. The secret to sticky and fragrant sticky rice is that when the sticky rice is half-cooked, add coconut milk and sugar and steam it back. After the sticky rice is ripe, the seller rotates the sticky rice to a thin sheet, spread the chopped mango cheeks on top, at last poured in coconut milk and sprinkled with some fried sesame seeds.

Mango sticky rice
Mango sticky rice

Each piece of mango is sweet, served with creamy white sticky rice with the scent of coconut milk and the aroma of roasted sesame gives you a delicious Thai dessert. The mango sticky rice dish is often sold on tuk tuk and is available in most streets of Bangkok.

10. Kluay Buat Chee banana sweet soup

Made from simple ingredients, keeping the fresh and delicious banana flavor, Kluay Buat Chee has a very special and strange meaning.

Kluay Buat Chee banana sweet soup
Kluay Buat Chee banana sweet soup

With banana sweet soup, people often roast sesame seeds first, then boil a little water and then slowly pour in coconut milk. After that, put the sliced bananas into the pot and bring to a boil and add sugar according to the sweetness. People also add a little salt to balance the flavor of the dish. This dish does not have a specific recipe, each cook transforms the ingredients according to their preferences, thereby creating rich flavors in different regions of Thailand. 

Thai culinary delicacies are a delicate blend of spices and rich ingredients together with special cooking styles. Each dish has a delicate blend of sweet and sour taste that those who have ever enjoyed these dishes will never forget.


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