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The Devil of Nanking – The horrifying obsession of crime

Set in the 90s, the reader plays a British female student known as Grey, a girl with mental problems and spends most of her time searching for evidence of the massacre at Nanking in 1937, what she considered her purpose of life. Almost desperate when the event happened in an eastern country where Grey sought information about it while she was in England. In the end, he did his best to find Shi Chongming, a professor of sociology living in Japan and most importantly, he had what Grey needed. But the professor insisted on showing Grey the evidence if she found the material of a rare drug in the hands of the notorious local Yakuza gang. After trying hard to overcome the trials, Grey also finds an opportunity for her.

More than 380 pages of books are continuous events that make it difficult for readers to fold the book without knowing what will happen next. Using his ingenious charismatic style, Mo Hayder urges readers to read more and more excited about the beauty of Japan, the more chills are at the past of ordinary people, and the more fearful they are. against the crimes that the Japanese military has brought to the Chinese people.

Thrill is an unavoidable feeling

The slow but logical storyline with continuous events makes the reader not surprised because the previous situation had to witness a new surprise. Not easy to understand, the book is not suitable for everyone, it is recommended not to read before the age of 18.

The work was built by Mo Hayder with a unique writing style. From Grey’s point of view in modern Tokyo, in parallel is the narrative from Shi Chongming’s escape diaries when he was in Nanking in the winter of 1937. You should pay attention to the dates on the page on Shi Chongming’s diary to better visualize what happened.

The Devil of Nanking
The Devil of Nanking

Unlike works written about heroes in wartime who contributed to the fight against foreign invaders. The Devil of Nanking helps readers know how normal human life in war was chaotic, how miserable his grandparents used to be so that our generation today will be safe and blessed. That is also one of the valuable points that this work brings.

War crimes exposed

What was the death toll at Nanking then? Ten or five thousand people? All were very vague when statistics were controversial at that time. The Japanese deny that they have not killed so many people, and the Chinese do the opposite. But in Nanking, there was a real massacre then, and this work is a denunciation of that crime.

Mo Hayder has spent a lot of time researching Chinese and Japanese history, culture to be able to write an excellent novel, moving the hearts of literary lovers around the world. She uses her own word to expose the crimes committed by the Japanese as well as the war caused. A very big hurt. The messages in this work are so cleverly integrated by her, making it easy for readers to recognize and admire.

The fictional story that Hayder wrote is a real event. Horror in Nanking in 1937 with columns of the dead, with rolling hills, women raped, victims burned, children brutally and cruelly slaughtered, … has created a wave of outrage among people around the world. The tragedy that seemed to be forgotten is awakened and the best result: the harsh truth is finally returned to history.


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