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Elie Saab and the story of Fashion – Fame and Money!

Leaving school in the middle to pursue a passion for wedding dresses, at the age of 18, Elie Saab owned a famous couture garment factory in her hometown of Beirut, Lebanon with 15 professional artisans.

According to Arabian Business, the first rule when it comes to Elie Saab is not to be jealous of being a “super rich” and “super famous” designer. His crystal outfits are the dream of a series of supermodels as well as A-list stars in Hollywood.

Elie Saab portrait
Elie Saab portrait

“Empire” fashion of Elie Saab spread over 22 countries with enough big and small stores from Paris, London to Dubai. Owning a brand worth about 500 million USD, the Lebanese stylist ranked 28th on the list of the most powerful businessmen in Saudi Arabia and fifth in the topmost powerful Arabs in the world in 2011. “I am not just a simple designer, I also have an entrepreneurial vision, Elie Saab said.

The first start to fashion 

The story of Elie Saab from an unknown designer to an expensive stylist in Hollywood is equally attractive to his lovely outfits. The son of a timber trader and a housewife, at the age of 9, the boy Elie has loved making dresses. Elie Saab’s day is almost exclusively drawing, cutting her mother’s curtain and tablecloth to make dresses for her sisters. Lovely dresses then quickly caught the “green eyes” of the neighbors. As a teen, Elie Saab had a number of loyal customers. Thinking about the years as a child, the designer confided: “Born with a passion for dresses, surrounded by beautiful women, from sisters to neighbors, I crave more to make them more elegant “.

The magnificent dresses make Elie Saab's name being famous to the world
The magnificent dresses make Elie Saab’s name being famous to the world

Attended fashion in 1982, but the 18-year-old quickly got bored of school. Confident that he had become a master of the art of dressmaking, he decided to quit his studies to open his first couture factory in Beirut, Lebanon. The money earned at that time helped Elie Saab raise 15 employees at the same time. By the time the introduction of his first collection, the designer’s reputation far exceeded his hometown of Beirut.

He said: “I believe the first and most important thing for designers is to make a personal mark. Persistence, hard work and ambition are enough conditions to help each person overcome difficulties and succeed in fashion “.

Fame and money with Haute Couture’s fashion world

The year 1997 marked the first step of Elie Saab to the world market. He was invited by the Italian Fashion Association (Camera Nazionale della Moda) to show off the collection at Milan Week. Elie Saab was the only non-Italian designer that was introduced to the product at that time. Three years in a row, the stylist resonated when he launched dresses in Rome. In 2000, Elie Saab continued to enter the international fashion industry with a new collection at Paris Fashion Week at the invitation of the High-end Tailor Union (Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture). After endless applause in the fashion capitals, his reputation gradually gained attention from the international press as well as to customers.

One of Elie Saab collection
One of Elie Saab collection

However, it was not until 2002 that Lebanese designers made a real breakthrough in the international fashion arena. This is the first time a product branded Elie Saab shines on the red carpet. The image of Halle Berry with a seductive dress holding up a 2002 Oscar for her outstanding female role in the movie “Monster’s Ball” appeared on the front page of most newspapers and magazines around the world, marking Elie Saab’s name on the Walk of fame of the modern fashion village.

“Actually, it wasn’t the first time that Halle Berry, as well as the Hollywood stars, wore my designs. But the 2002 Oscar was definitely the event that brought the Elie Saab brand closer to the public. Clients, stylist. And celebrities all over the world want to know better about the brand as well as learn about the dress that appeared on the red carpet, “recalls Elie Saab.

Since then, no major event has been without the shadow of Elie Saab branded dresses. They are worn on the top beauties of the world entertainment industry, from Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker to Sophie Marceau. Even supermodel Anja Rubik once admitted: “Every model wants to wear Elie Saab’s dress because they understand it will make me better”. In 2006, Elie Saab became a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, an association that was just for French designers, previously only two stylists from another country, Valentino and Giorgio Armani.

An Ambitious man

Not only at dresses but in recent years, Elie Saab has started to step into accessories, bags, shoes, perfumes, and jewelry. Besides, he also had the ambition to make a line of products for daytime wear instead of just party and wedding dresses as before. According to Elie, making a wedding dress is much simpler than a simple dress. To create a simple dress that women love, it was a challenge.

Elie Saab admits she’s ambitious. He said that this is the driving force that motivated him to rise in his career. The designer himself has never regretted what he did. His campaign is to produce more and more product lines to serve female customers and expand the market for the company in the coming years.


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