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Eat, pray and love – Elizabeth Gilberts – A must read book


It is said that the reader is someone who lives many lives. There are lives that come out of the book so interesting that they enter the reader’s life, creating an undercurrent of sleep.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray and Love” is one of the books that made such a big impact on her. This is one of the books I started to read when I made myself a habit of reading. Next to the Alchemist and Holy Bible, “Eat, Pray and Love” is a book that makes me feel crazy about wanting to live such a beautiful life. And this is also a book that takes a long time to read, to ponder, to go deep inside of me to answer questions that take my youth to find answers. Because deep inside, I know that I always pray to live a life “never has any reason to worry about anything in my life” and “I deserve to enjoy the good things in life. “.

But what if you’re not happy? So can you tell Kim how you feel right now? Depression? Lonely? Disorientation? You want to cry, to be told, to get rid of this bad mental state … BUT … so awkward to not know where to start …

Then Eat, Pray, Love is a book for you – The woman yearns to find herself again, desires to love and to be loved in the freedom that is not bound by the so-called “sacrificing for love ” !!

Eat, Pray, Love – A woman’s journey to find herself back

There have been so many wonderful comments about Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey (intimately referred to as Liz) – a woman in her 30s, rich and successful in her career but broken in marriage and tired of love just found after divorce.

It can be said that “Eat, pray, love” is a common narrative of millions of women around the world. Although Liz is a typical American woman, the psychological state Liz experiences is no different. No matter how strong, smart or successful women are, deep down their souls are still only small girls, weak women needing support and protection.

Eat, pray, love
Eat, pray, love

Liz talked about her own journey in a witty, narrative, yet philosophical tone. She is both a witness to her inner maturity, both a therapist for her trauma, and a “soulmate” that connects with her own inner body through the seconds. uncertain moments of self-questioning.

When love and marriage go through a sweet period to make room for the bondage and repress the being that aspires to love and be loved in the freedom of being herself, then is the time when any woman should live. slow down to ask yourself if I’m happy doing this? Should I continue? And what do I need to do to make this relationship better without changing myself to fit?

Eat, Pray, Love – Eat in Italy, Pray in India and Love in BaLi

Her first journey in Italy is the first step in helping Liz accept her own condition and see it “as a battle”. For most women when they are depressed, often rush to forget the negative state at all costs and try to resist their usual emotions or measure their limits in money conventions. talent, gain … Liz allowed herself to reach the “end” of her emotions through many struggles and internal dialogues.

Through “very real-life” experiences, Italy appeared in her eyes full of eroticism and nakedness. From cuisine, culture to Italian people, it all made her eager to learn and fall in love. She eats what she likes and ignores the measurements on her body. She learned Italian because for her “Italian is the most beautiful and charming language in the world”, she only “to want to be sexy and happy again”. How a woman!

Liz’s spiritual experiences in India partly explain why people now look to religion as a salvation of the soul, but through Liz, I have come to understand one more thing: We can end this, from within me ”, prayer and meditation are just the links that help us to have the most serious and honest conversation with ourselves so that we wisely choose the next path.

Bali Island – Indonesia is where Liz has found a perfect love, not a superficial and superficial love of youth. The beautiful island serves as the last catalyst for Liz to free herself from her previous anxiety and suffering, although she knows that it is not necessarily the end. Here, she meets new people who, according to her, are “global balance masters” and she wants to “learn to stand firm in this chaotic world”. She mingled and opened her heart to all with her altruistic, caring and loving heart.


Liz is happy again not because of luck, but because she deserves to be happy. Her journey “Eat, Pray, Love” says it all. We all will be different over time, or worse or better, depends on the choices we make and how we “react” to the things that happen in life. That series of choices will be extremely poetic and meaningful when we first understand ourselves, thereby opening up to Life because “happiness is a journey, not a destination”.


For The Love Of Food And Yoga : A Celebration Of Mindful Eating And Being By Price-Kellogg, Liz; Taylor, Kristen 

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