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Death on the Nile – How far greed can lead to crime?

Death on the Nile

There is a classic saying about money that young people today often refer to as a humorous joke: “Money is not everything, but money buys almost everything. What can not be bought with money can be bought with…. lots of money! ” Of course that is not entirely true for everyone, but true for the majority, especially those who have endless greed. The theme of money is very popular in movies, stories, newspapers & of course, not uncommon in detective stories.

Sophisticated, deft, making readers surprised because the ending is so special, that is what is shown in the classic detective work of female writer Agatha Christie. Not only that, but the Death on the Nile also conveyed a message that was not new but never old: Money, crime, and blind love can lead to heartbreaking tragedies.

Money & hatred, which motivates crime faster?

On the death train, there were many motivated people to kill Linet. Someone is jealous of her beauty, wealth, and arrogance. Someone brought grudges from the family in the past. Someone is for love. There are people for more practical motives, money: it is Linet’s economic managers, the lawyer in far-away England or the deceitful Reddington butler in the marketplace. It can be seen that Linet is in a very difficult situation that she can only feel but cannot recognize. Rich in this case, is the tragedy itself. Her enemies are everywhere.

Death on the Nile
Death on the Nile

Agatha Christie always creates such characteristic situations before a crime takes place, to easily deceive readers. The scene is familiar, closed. The number of suspect characters is not much, specific and detailed. Hercule Poirot’s familiar work, interrogating each subject, was so much that it was boring.

The author even makes readers sleepy when spending the first 10 chapters just to describe the journey to the fateful Nile river cruise. It wasn’t until the rich queen lost her life that good drama really began.

When the sun appears, the moon will have to give way

Intelligent, beautiful, 21 years old & possessing a million-dollar fortune, Linet has almost everything except love. She was mesmerized by the young Simon Doyle, who was engaged to Jackie – a close friend of Linet. And with her money and alluring beauty, Linet succeeded in stealing Simon, who were married shortly thereafter, only to feud with the outcast, Jackie! All calamities can be said to begin here.

Standing in front of Linet’s “sun”, the young Simon seemed to have forgotten Jackie’s “moon” and followed the call of a huge fortune disguised by love at first sight! They go on their honeymoon with a constant threat from Jackie. On that train to the Nile, death had been waiting for them for a long time.

Jackie tells detective Poirot that she wished to shoot and kill her best friend Linet for stealing her boyfriend (a woman’s best friend is always so frightening), but before she could act, the beautiful Linet was shot. head to death while sleeping. So who is the villain? What are their motives?

About the author Agatha Christie

Her real name is Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, an English detective writer, but built the image of Belgian detective Poirot. She wrote many romantic romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott but no one remembers Agatha Christie because her detective works are much more famous.

Agatha Christine
Agatha Christine

What her detective works have in common is surprising, unique perpetrators, clear motives, either hatred or money. Poirot detective character enjoys many privileges in terms of space and time to solve cases, on this point, Sherlock Holmes – the famous character of writer Conan Doyle has ironed out such detective detectives as “arresting children. pups in a bunch of rats in the iron cot ”. However, finding a mouse in an iron crib is not easy, predictable and often causes the reader’s admiration. Therefore, Agatha’s classic detective works, though published for centuries, are always on the list of best-selling works of all time.


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