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Coco Chanel – legendary writer! What do you know about her life?


This slim woman has made not one but two fashion revolutions in the world. She is the one who has redefined fashion with great creations, freeing women from the path of constraint and bondage. No one can deny Coco Chanel wrote the legends of the 20th century.

So, what do you know about her life and her legendary career? Let’s go through this article to find out more!

The orphan girl in the orphanage

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born on August 19, 1883, in a small town on the Loire River, western France. Chanel experienced a poor childhood, her mother died early due to tuberculosis and pneumonia, then the father left, wearing 5 helpless children. The 12-year-old Chanel was then sent to the orphanage, and it was here that she was taught the first stitches …

Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel

After 6 years, Chanel left the orphanage, then a young girl with a passion for singing, went to Moulin city to become a singer. Every night she appears on stage with the song “Who met Coco?” very “hot” at that time. Spectacular local officers often sing along and shout “Coco! Coco! ”. Since then “Coco” became the nickname of Gabrielle Chanel.

The career of singing in the tea room did not bring Chanel to the top, but it was here that gave the young girl the opportunity to meet the former cavalry officer Étienne Balsan, the heir to the wealthy textile boss. The prince is the one who brought Chanel from the province to Paris, living a life of silk velvet. The life of silk and ivory has prompted Chanel to create such beautiful things. She began to design and make stylish hats herself, making her first step into the fashion world.

Women liberation fashion

In 1909, Chanel fell in love with her ex’s friend, Captain Arthur Edward ‘Boy’ Capel, a famous playboy all over Paris. Chanel was generously provided by her lover to help open the first stylist store specializing in selling hats and several styles of clothing.

Each Chanel hat is like a creative, elegant and graceful piece of art. She went beyond the job of a tailor to become a true artist. The first success to Chanel was when she dug Gabrielle Dorizat put on the elegant hat she created on the stage, from which the sophisticated designs of the young designer began to be warmly welcomed by the Paris public.

World War I took place, leading to the majority of men going to war, leaving children, the elderly and women behind. Cramped corsets with tiny waistlines are no longer suitable for work or on the go, this is when Chanel’s traditional narrow-textured designs begin to take the throne. She calmly removed the rigid corset frame, replaced by strong cuts to create elegance and generosity. Every woman wants to be a copy of Coco Chanel’s style: self-reliant, liberal but still polite and elegant.

Chanel’s career culminated in 1935, with over 4,000 sewing and crafting workers; she fashioned almost all of Hollywood’s most famous characters.

In 1954, before the suspicion of treason because of the love relationship with the Nazi “butcher” during World War II, Coco Chanel returned to France, once again stepping into glory with the revolution. second fashion. She reopened the haute couture store and launched a new collection that resonated in fashion capitals. With a luxurious design without a match, Coco Chanel gradually regained her position in the face of the domination of the Dior family, which features beauty, magnificence and redness.

In 1955, she made every girl wish to have a real leather “Lady 2.55” bag with square lines on the body, gold chain straps and a proudly embossed C-shaped emblem. 

Chanel No. 5 – “rebellious” fragrance

After the death of lover ‘Boy’ Capel in 1919, Chanel had a big turning point – embarking on perfumes production, to further honor the fashion and beauty of women. And in this new field, Chanel also carried out a major innovation. Breaking all the taboos, she creates a new fragrance with a long-lasting, enchanting and mysterious scent.

The mystery is held only by Coco and the chemist Ernest Beaux. Ernest made a series of compounds and gave them a numbering. Without much consideration, Coco chose compound number 5 right away. The two main ingredients of Chanel No. 5 is rose and jasmine collected almost exclusively from the Rose De Mai flower fields in Grasse district of Provence, France. These two flowers here are most appreciated for their scent.

Coco continued to break the rules by naming her perfume simply “Chanel No.5”. And instead of storing it in an elegant jar, she chose a square box that was reminiscent of… whiskey bottles. The bottle is sturdy, delicate, pure, without excess anything to emphasize a single point of light, which is a passionate and high-class scent.

Chanel No5
Chanel No5

In 1922, she officially launched the Chanel No5 perfume on the market. And as soon as the fiery digger Marilyn Monroe revealed to the press that she wore nothing to sleep, she only wore a few drops of Chanel No5, the whole world was almost rushing to search for this fragrance.

Chanel No.5 became the most famous perfume in the world, giving Coco richness and fame. Dubbed the “queen of perfumes”, today Chanel No5 is still the best-selling perfume of all time. It is estimated that every 30 seconds a bottle of Chanel No5 is sold.

For a long time, until Coco Chanel died at the age of 88 in 1971, she was the only woman in the male-dominated fashion design world, changing the world’s fashion landscape. , proving to everyone that the fashion thoughts that are confusing for the body must be removed, and the elegant and luxurious clothes must also be convenient and comfortable. This timeless mindset helped the Chanel empire prosper to this day.


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