The strange life of the master of horror films – Alfred Hitchcock

Despite being considered the master of horror movies, director Alfred Hitchcock has always been haunted by fear. Not only that, his life is always associated with scandals of love, infatuation with blonde actresses, about his strange hobby of filming close-ups of his elaborate, groomed blond hair. But more than that, it’s a way of making a horror movie unlike anyone else.

Alfred Hitchcock’s films have removed barriers and prejudices and go down in history, although only a few of them have been honored (he made more than 100 films but only received an Oscar once). However, for those of you who know Alfred Hitchcock, the man behind these horror movies is far more bizarre than anything he has made into a movie.

From the shy guy to the “scare” master.

Without contacting Alfred Hitchcock, perhaps you would not have expected that the “master” of horror films once had a bad childhood in the form of a shy boy. However, because of that shy personality is the material that allows him to create many unique film situations that are terrifying.

A man once haunted by many things, Alfred Hitchcock has an opposing outward personality compared to his dark filmmaking style.
A man once haunted by many things, Alfred Hitchcock has an opposing outward personality compared to his dark filmmaking style.

As mentioned above, the late director born in 1899 grew up in a very strict family and that sternness is not at all normal. When Hitchcock was just six years old, his father took him to the police station and was locked in a cell. Since then, he carries a great fear of the government figures in general and the police in particular. It is also one of the film materials commonly found in his works.

Building on obsessions from the past and creating classic screen horror masterpieces, for those unforgettable movies, Alfred Hitchcock was also a pioneer in the use of cameras in a new way. batch to capture every look of the actor. That is also the key factor that helped him build a buzz and forced viewers to immerse themselves in the “scary magic” that he personally initiated. In every shot of Hitchcock, the audience will be led to the extremes of fear thanks to the mind and innate creativity of someone who has experienced many phobias from the past.

Alfred's movies always appear dangerous blondes with a seductive fashion style and a smart head
Alfred’s movies always appear dangerous blondes with a seductive fashion style and a smart head

In addition to material from past haunts, his film also features regular appearances of beautiful blondes, many scenes of violence, murder, dark world, crime and the same ending. full of writhing, surprises, and haunts.

The masterpiece of the three cinematic periods

Alfred Hitchcock is one of a handful of directors who have gone through three different cinematic phases, the silent film, the famous black and white film and the famous color film. He began producing silent movies in the mid-twenties of the 20th century, but with little recognition.

During this period, he mainly made films in the UK with diverse genres, from romance, comedy to adventure, mystery, criminal, but not yet a criminal genre, creepy crime. creepy as in the latter “Hitchcockian” style. Unfortunately, many of Hitchcock’s early-stage silent films have been lost. It was not until 2011 that the British Film Institute (BFI) restored nine silent films, some of which were lost during his period and recognized as British cultural heritage, appearing in the list. UNESCO’s Book of Memory of the World.

Legend “less charming” with awards

Despite a glorious career of 60 years with more than 50 films made, Alfred Hitchcock still did not collect any prestigious awards as a director. Even though he was famous in England for many immortal films, Alfred Hitchcock did not have the opportunity to cooperate with Hollywood studios because his talent was not trusted in the Movie Capital.

Despite the disapproval of the Academy and film awards, Alfred’s name is still respected by the public and by most of those active in the 7th art. Thanks to his style of storytelling. incomparable, superior filmmaking techniques, talented editing styles and good coordination with music, sound, light … that Alfred Hitchcock’s films always attract audiences and turn him. to become one of the most successful filmmakers in the golden age of Hollywood cinema.

Alfred received only one win as a director at the Academy's Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Awards in 1968
Alfred received only one win as a director at the Academy’s Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Awards in 1968

On April 29, 1980, Hitchcock died of kidney failure, aged 80 years old. He was cremated and scattered in the Pacific Ocean before the great grief of the movie world at that time. Up to now, he is still mentioned as one of the “masters” of the greatest horror and thrill film.


It’s Only A Movie, An Alfred Hitchcock Biography By Chandler, Charlotte (Download PDF/Epub)

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Strangers on a train – Anyone can be a murderer

What do you think a murderer would look like? Patricia Highsmith said it could be you. Strangers on board are work that will step by step lead you to believe the idea to the point where you don’t even know when you’ve been convinced.

The story begins when Guy and Bruno meet on a train, two strangers, opposite circumstances, personalities, board the train for different purposes. But only through the first meeting, Bruno saw some strange bond between the two. With the extravagance and indignation in him, Bruno came up with the idea that he would kill the wife Guy was about to divorce, and Guy would kill Bruno’s cold, tragic father.

So, let’s read this marvelous novel together to see how it ends!

So what is the form of a murderer?

Neither is anyone nor anyone. Patricia Highsmith’s murderer can take the form of you, mine, and anyone else’s. That has been subtly implied by the name of the main character – Guy (someone).

Strangers on a train
Strangers on a train

Do you know why? Because the two characters in the work are also opposites, good and evil. Ironically, they exist in the same human being. Guy is a representative of goodness, talent, talent, love for his family, girlfriend and even had mercy when his ex-wife was murdered, though he was too fed up with her. And Bruno, lazy to work, is always full of pessimism and anger. Yet, Bruno still devotes his only admiration for Guy, loving and loving, ready to kill Guy’s wife just because he thinks that Guy will be liberated and happy with his new girlfriend, not for a personal purpose. Come on. And Guy, though initially despising Bruno, doing everything to deny ever met, was used to, but gradually Bruno’s letters persuaded Guy to agree with the crazy idea of ​​murder. In evil, there is good, after good there is evil. An invisible bond. Strangers but not strangers, it is just that we have not seen each for a long time.

In us always good and evil coexist. We have not seen ourselves as evil because of the wrong conditions, the circumstances and the wrong time. The author has described in great detail the process of struggling to combat the growing evil in Guy, watching his conscience torn apart. When the crime takes place, besides building a thrilling investigation plot with the participation of a detective character, the author also gives Guy another judgment, the judgment of conscience. And that is also the biggest, heaviest sentence that a person must bear.

We live in a society that prides itself on being a developed civilization. The author who lived a century before us had a very different, out-of-date perspective and contained his very own human philosophies, worth pondering over. For the author, the law represents the will of the majority, killing people must pay for the penalty, but when condemning the death of a murderer, that is essentially another act of murder. We give ourselves the right to execute others again, which is a dilemma.

People embodiment for what?

For love, for altruism, for wisdom, for a lot more, including crime. We will not exist without any good or bad parts, they were born on the day we were born, and then gradually revealed and expressed according to the circumstances. The author chooses the ending for Guy to confess his crime to his wife’s boyfriend. After that, voluntarily letting the detective take away without mentioning Guy would be executed or not. Perhaps yes, with contemporary law, but perhaps not. Simply for the purpose of the author is not death, but how to live.

“Strangers on a train” was adapted into a movie in 1951 and made a big splash. This is one of those intriguing detective novels, with full of true epochal ideas by author Patricia Highsmith, like the way she gave Carol and Therese together in the mid-1950s in Carol, or the way she was for Tom Ripley to live the great life of others than to live his own, mediocre in the talented Gentleman. You will always find yourself backward when reading Highsmith’s work, and that is why your worldview will gradually expand as you immerse yourself in her fictional world.


Crime Scene Investigation And Reconstruction 4th Edition By Robert R. Ogle, Sharon L. Plotkin (Download PDF/Epub)

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Death on the Nile – How far greed can lead to crime?

There is a classic saying about money that young people today often refer to as a humorous joke: “Money is not everything, but money buys almost everything. What can not be bought with money can be bought with…. lots of money! ” Of course that is not entirely true for everyone, but true for the majority, especially those who have endless greed. The theme of money is very popular in movies, stories, newspapers & of course, not uncommon in detective stories.

Sophisticated, deft, making readers surprised because the ending is so special, that is what is shown in the classic detective work of female writer Agatha Christie. Not only that, but the Death on the Nile also conveyed a message that was not new but never old: Money, crime, and blind love can lead to heartbreaking tragedies.

Money & hatred, which motivates crime faster?

On the death train, there were many motivated people to kill Linet. Someone is jealous of her beauty, wealth, and arrogance. Someone brought grudges from the family in the past. Someone is for love. There are people for more practical motives, money: it is Linet’s economic managers, the lawyer in far-away England or the deceitful Reddington butler in the marketplace. It can be seen that Linet is in a very difficult situation that she can only feel but cannot recognize. Rich in this case, is the tragedy itself. Her enemies are everywhere.

Death on the Nile
Death on the Nile

Agatha Christie always creates such characteristic situations before a crime takes place, to easily deceive readers. The scene is familiar, closed. The number of suspect characters is not much, specific and detailed. Hercule Poirot’s familiar work, interrogating each subject, was so much that it was boring.

The author even makes readers sleepy when spending the first 10 chapters just to describe the journey to the fateful Nile river cruise. It wasn’t until the rich queen lost her life that good drama really began.

When the sun appears, the moon will have to give way

Intelligent, beautiful, 21 years old & possessing a million-dollar fortune, Linet has almost everything except love. She was mesmerized by the young Simon Doyle, who was engaged to Jackie – a close friend of Linet. And with her money and alluring beauty, Linet succeeded in stealing Simon, who were married shortly thereafter, only to feud with the outcast, Jackie! All calamities can be said to begin here.

Standing in front of Linet’s “sun”, the young Simon seemed to have forgotten Jackie’s “moon” and followed the call of a huge fortune disguised by love at first sight! They go on their honeymoon with a constant threat from Jackie. On that train to the Nile, death had been waiting for them for a long time.

Jackie tells detective Poirot that she wished to shoot and kill her best friend Linet for stealing her boyfriend (a woman’s best friend is always so frightening), but before she could act, the beautiful Linet was shot. head to death while sleeping. So who is the villain? What are their motives?

About the author Agatha Christie

Her real name is Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, an English detective writer, but built the image of Belgian detective Poirot. She wrote many romantic romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott but no one remembers Agatha Christie because her detective works are much more famous.

Agatha Christine
Agatha Christine

What her detective works have in common is surprising, unique perpetrators, clear motives, either hatred or money. Poirot detective character enjoys many privileges in terms of space and time to solve cases, on this point, Sherlock Holmes – the famous character of writer Conan Doyle has ironed out such detective detectives as “arresting children. pups in a bunch of rats in the iron cot ”. However, finding a mouse in an iron crib is not easy, predictable and often causes the reader’s admiration. Therefore, Agatha’s classic detective works, though published for centuries, are always on the list of best-selling works of all time.


Handbook Of Religion And Social Institutions By Ebaugh, Helen Rose Fuchs (PDF/Epub Download)

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The Devil of Nanking – The horrifying obsession of crime

Set in the 90s, the reader plays a British female student known as Grey, a girl with mental problems and spends most of her time searching for evidence of the massacre at Nanking in 1937, what she considered her purpose of life. Almost desperate when the event happened in an eastern country where Grey sought information about it while she was in England. In the end, he did his best to find Shi Chongming, a professor of sociology living in Japan and most importantly, he had what Grey needed. But the professor insisted on showing Grey the evidence if she found the material of a rare drug in the hands of the notorious local Yakuza gang. After trying hard to overcome the trials, Grey also finds an opportunity for her.

More than 380 pages of books are continuous events that make it difficult for readers to fold the book without knowing what will happen next. Using his ingenious charismatic style, Mo Hayder urges readers to read more and more excited about the beauty of Japan, the more chills are at the past of ordinary people, and the more fearful they are. against the crimes that the Japanese military has brought to the Chinese people.

Thrill is an unavoidable feeling

The slow but logical storyline with continuous events makes the reader not surprised because the previous situation had to witness a new surprise. Not easy to understand, the book is not suitable for everyone, it is recommended not to read before the age of 18.

The work was built by Mo Hayder with a unique writing style. From Grey’s point of view in modern Tokyo, in parallel is the narrative from Shi Chongming’s escape diaries when he was in Nanking in the winter of 1937. You should pay attention to the dates on the page on Shi Chongming’s diary to better visualize what happened.

The Devil of Nanking
The Devil of Nanking

Unlike works written about heroes in wartime who contributed to the fight against foreign invaders. The Devil of Nanking helps readers know how normal human life in war was chaotic, how miserable his grandparents used to be so that our generation today will be safe and blessed. That is also one of the valuable points that this work brings.

War crimes exposed

What was the death toll at Nanking then? Ten or five thousand people? All were very vague when statistics were controversial at that time. The Japanese deny that they have not killed so many people, and the Chinese do the opposite. But in Nanking, there was a real massacre then, and this work is a denunciation of that crime.

Mo Hayder has spent a lot of time researching Chinese and Japanese history, culture to be able to write an excellent novel, moving the hearts of literary lovers around the world. She uses her own word to expose the crimes committed by the Japanese as well as the war caused. A very big hurt. The messages in this work are so cleverly integrated by her, making it easy for readers to recognize and admire.

The fictional story that Hayder wrote is a real event. Horror in Nanking in 1937 with columns of the dead, with rolling hills, women raped, victims burned, children brutally and cruelly slaughtered, … has created a wave of outrage among people around the world. The tragedy that seemed to be forgotten is awakened and the best result: the harsh truth is finally returned to history.


Handbook Of Religion And Social Institutions By Ebaugh, Helen Rose Fuchs (PDF/Epub Download)

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What makes Gone with the wind and Margaret Mitchell so famous?

Gone with the Wind is a classic of American literature first published in 1963. The story of the life of Scarlett O’Hara, a noble woman in the South of the United States trying to mess with a civil war storm and the rebuilding period of the country. She vigorously fought with life to find herself missing out on so-called… love, ideals of life.

Magaret Mitchell used a pen to authenticate deep thoughts about human destiny in general, the number of parts of people in the South of America during the unstable period of the country. Including lessons about the ideal of life, love for people, the power to overcome suffering, unhappiness, and love for men and women. All are extremely authentic, lively, and full of humanity.

Perhaps because of the authentic writing style, which accurately describes nature and pain, the regret of the character that Margaret’s Gone with the wind quickly became famous and helped her win the Pulitzer.

Human fate is the most difficult rope to control

Scarlett is an endless source of inspiration for independence, strength, resilience. She is like many other girls of her time who have very mundane concerns and desires: like beautiful outfits, colorful prom night nights, coveted glances of men … dogma, common morality is difficult to make Scarlett subdue, she is still extremely prominent and brilliant.

She was determined to her feelings and had a strong desire to be happy. Ashley, the man who drives her heart crazy, makes even selfish, cruel decisions. She accepts a man she does not have feelings for to avenge Ashley to marry Melina. That seriously affected her life. The prejudice that seemed to make her unable to breathe, forced her to fakely conceal her true desire.

The chaotic period and constant civil war made people’s lives unstable and poor. Scarlett, over twenty years old, has to face the risk of starvation, family farm ruin, plunder … countless difficulties. As despair overflowed with vitality, she realized that survival was the most important thing, ready to put a bullet in the head of someone who wanted to take her life or threaten the safety of her family. family. Scarlett escaped the shell of a lady to become a woman who owns a family, managing everything and working non-stop to seek safety and stability in life.

Scarlett O'Hara
Scarlett O’Hara

A vortex of money and fame clings to Scarlett, a strong woman who forgets love, ambiguous about it. Making money is what Scarlett loves because it gives her safety and her own pride in it. But those illusory joys at a certain point in life will stop, everything when it’s a bubble, no more turning back. That is Scarlett’s first regret.

The love that Scarlett has always pursued with Ashley is the second regret. It was as vague as an idea she imagined. She even believed in it, ran after it, and never once pondered and reflected on her true wish. Until the end that the mistake was clear in her heart, she was engrossed in the pursuit of nothingness and could not recognize Rhett Butler’s sincerity as well as her own for that man.

Rhett Butler – Successful man of the game of fate

Rhett knew what she wanted and what to do. A notorious man, being judged nothing by the world, Rhett did not value what everyone thought of him. Rhett lived up to what he wanted, lived a dignified life, and of course, it wouldn’t matter if people would accept that way of life.

Rhett was smart enough that people needed her, even though they always hated him on their hearts. To Rhett it was nothing to worry about, what he bothered was what people were not expecting. Rhett’s day problem was sharp and sharp and made a lot of money by taking advantage of the turmoil. People are in misery, he stands above all.

Intelligent, successful and seemingly superficial with feelings are the most sincere. Because of his core intelligence, he recognized the true self of Scarlett and fell in love with her passionately. Two similar guys would understand each other extremely, especially Rhett and Scarlett.

Rhett Butler
Rhett Butler

Rhett’s love for Scarlett was deeply indestructible. Rhett silently made Scarlett his wife, which is something the Southern girl never expected. Step by step with her understanding and love approaching her, loving her to the fullest. He used everything he had for his wife. But ironically, Scarlett misses that and chases after fame, money.

The greatest, most real, and haunted love. The greatest pain in his life is not having the love of Scarlett. Love cannot be one-sided, a person who loves much will always want the other party to be the same. Her decision to leave Scarlett was probably the result of her extreme despair. And the death of both their daughter is the sharp knife that ends everything.

For Rhett, fate is a grim problem, but he understands and mastered it very well. Even with his love, he dared to face it, with all his might for it, although there was no good outcome.

“After all, tomorrow is a new day”

“After all, tomorrow is a new day” is Scarlett’s classic saying when she gets stuck. This is also the last sentence to close the book with the image of a stubborn Scarlett standing in front of the sunny Tara steps.

She saw the future more clearly, perhaps the vanity of the past had melted into sponges in her heart. With her strong, tough spirit she will find a happy stop. The love of two people is still there, it has the power to overcome all obstacles and obstacles.

Reading Gone with the wind then we can understand why Margaret won the Pulitzer Prize.


Female Erasure: What You Need To Know About Gender Politics’ War On Women, The Female Sex, And Human Rights By Ruth Barrett

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Alice Munro: The witch of the word

There are not many Nobel Prize-winning short story writers like Alice Munro, people read Alice Munro when sad, when happy, when you need someone to talk to when you need to contemplate when you want to understand the life around you, and sometimes… want to understand yourself.

So, let’s learn more about this wonderful, talented writer to really understand her literature.

Housewife won the Nobel Prize for literature

In the past, she has won countless awards, including the 2009 Man Booker International Award for Lifetime Contribution, three Governor General’s Prizes of the Government of Canada, two Giller prizes, and the W.H. Smith Literary Award. Many of her short stories were published in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, The Paris Review.

Alice Munro is a Canadian writer and the winner of the 2009 Man Booker International Prize for her lifetime body of work.
Alice Munro is a Canadian writer and the winner of the 2009 Man Booker International Prize for her lifetime body of work.

Born in 1931 in Ontario, Canada, her writing career includes a novel (Lives of girls and women) and 14 collections of short stories such as Open secrets; Runaway; The view from Castle Rock; Too much happiness; Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage … She is likened to Eudora Welty, Anton Chekhov, James Joyce in the stature describing human life in her homeland. Her works have been translated into 14 languages.

Author of “women’s psychology textbook”

Alice Munro’s early stories almost “have the depth of the novel”. Afterward, from Runaway (the Giller 2004 award) to Too much happiness (2009), she reduced her confusion to put herself in the position of a storyteller. There are ideas for it is “getting rid of the old aura”, or simply that she was “out of breath”.

However, for those who love and understand Munro, this revolutionary transformation is not surprising. was concerned that she used to repeat her motifs and characterizations a bit too much. However, most defended her as a storyteller with incredible precision, that she was remarked as “Shakespeare when describing his characters”.

Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage

The subject she dissected, if not the peasant love habits of Canadian farmers – caught between her desires and her shortcomings – was also about the intricate vortex of relationships, in which people impulse to understand each other and to understand themselves. Her hometown of Ontario was the material for her to dig, bring women and men drifting in and out of their orbit, entangled by mystical forces, sometimes evil lurking, stalking, then outbreaks, causing unexpected consequences.

Her ability to portray her character’s mood must be properly called “the writer of short stories women’s psychology textbook”. Which word means here. In Runaway, she was somehow spoiled that a lady was willing to run after him teaching horseback riding. An excellent girl determined to find him by the man caught shrimp in the hut. The wife of an honorable doctor once again thinks of a person who is “always in the forest”. As for the babysitter in Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage is involved with the landlord. Consequences are persistent bitterness. She let them “run away”, but she couldn’t escape. All are as natural as they should be.

Short story ascended the throne

Immoral encounters, broken relationships are easy to judge as repeating the same pattern. But in the end, isn’t it true that in real life, people are just hanging around the table and on the bed? Look from a true psychology perspective, that while men think like concentric circles, women think like Olympic circles (Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, John Gray, USA).

Aren’t you proving the reel in that woman’s brain? It is the woman who drowns in her matrix. Men exist unintentionally, true to their inherent nature. The circles intertwined and then twisted in the direction of the man or whatever floated on their route. The reason is trivial. Just the manner of hanging the saddle, just the uttering the names of a few Greek gods, or maybe just the snout of a pet dog, makes a woman tied to some man.

The Nobel Prize is awarded to writers for lifetime achievement rather than for specific work. Alice Munro was honored, meaning the short story took the throne. She received quite unexpected news. It surprised her. For a talented writer with a simple life, inclined to stay away from panache, this is a sweet fruit.


Alice Munro: Writing Her Lives: A Biography By Munro, Alice;Thacker, Robert (Download PDF/Epub)

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Mikhail Sholokhov and the reenactment of revolutionary Russia in literature

If writer Lev Tolstoy was to recreate a great Tsarist Russia in his massive novel War and Peace, it can be said that the history of Russia before and in the early years of the young Soviet government was is fully and vividly expressed in And Quiet Flows the Don novel by writer Mikhail Sholokhov.

But besides the peaceful East River, revolutionary Russia, and the Russia of Sholokhov’s own are also reappeared throughout his writings, from the novels of the Ruined Land, They fought for the Fatherland to the stories. Short as And Quiet Flows the Don, Harvest on the Don, The fate of man …

It can be said that Sholokhov’s literature has continued to inherit and opened the source of Russian literature not only in the past but also to the present and forever.

Life of Mikhail Sholokhov

Mikhail Sholokhov
Mikhail Sholokhov

Mikhail Sholokhov was born in 1905 to a Cossack family in Kamenskaya in the Russian Empire. His father was a Cossack farmer, and his mother came from a Ukrainian peasant family that had once had a husband. Sholokhov attended high schools in Kargin, Moscow, Boguchar and Veshenskaya; in 1918 he joined the Red Army fighting in the Russian Civil War. Sholokhov was only 13 years old.

Sholokhov started composing at the age of 17. He produced his first work, the short story Cai reduced at 19 years old. In 1922 Sholokhov moved to Moscow with the hope of becoming a journalist. During his early days in the capital, he earned a living by doing manual jobs such as handler, mason, and accountant from 1922 to 1924 while still trying to take short-term classes. Young writers.

In 1924 Sholokhov returned to Veshenskaya and began to concentrate entirely on composition. That same year, he married Maria Petrovna Gromoslavskaia, who later had two sons and two daughters. Two years later, Sholokhov published his short story Tales of the East River (Donskie Rasskazy) about the lives of his hometown Cossacks during World War I and the Russian Civil War. Also in 1926, the writer began to write the first lines of the peaceful And Quiet Flows the Don epic novel. This series of novels about the life of the Cossacks has been written by him for nearly 14 years with 4 volumes. The work became one of the most popular novels of Soviet Literature and earned its author the 1965 Nobel Prize for Literature.

And Quiet Flows the Don – History of Russia during the civil war

This massive epic novel by Mikhail Sholokhov depicts a volatile 10-year history of Russia. Those 10 years stretched from before World War I, to the years of World War that swept people into a fire and smoke, to the time when Russia was engulfed in civil war, and finally, people through storms. History is still looking for “a life of relief.”

All these changes are like being condensed in stories happening on the banks of the East River, experiencing the life of a Cossack boy named Gregori Melekhov. Gregori fell in love with Aksinia, the neighbor’s wife. To prevent this wrong love, the family forces Gregori to marry Natalia. But then Gregori had fled with Aksinia to let Natalia stay with disgrace, ashamed of being abandoned by her new husband.

An Quiet flows the Don
An Quiet flows the Don

But the “And Quiet Flows the Don” is not a melodramatic novel about unruly love. That work is like crystallizing the whole life of a person, also a journey of a people. Gregori was born and raised during the Tsarist period, under harsh patriarchal feudalism with fierce family conflicts. He was taken to the army, participated in World War I, had to taste the harshness, the pain of war, the lies, and deception of his life. Not long before he entered the battlefield, Gregori herself was caught up in the whirlwind of disputes within Russia. His life is associated with two women, but in the end Gregori himself is still struggling in the endless loneliness of a soul filled with pain, broken fire and fire. One by one, he watched each of his loved ones leave, step onto the other side of his life, the remaining Gregori’s property was only his only son and the wounds of battle were deeply imbued in his subconscious mind.

The East River is gentle, nurturing the passionate zeal of Cossack’s human blood. The calm banks of the East River have quietly witnessed each historical upheaval. But hidden deep in that tranquility are always the swirling underground waves ready to sweep people deep into the harsh vortex. But in the end, the banks of the East River are still a symbol of the homeland, giving two hours of peace for a soul to carry many injuries as Gregori recalls, quietly looking back.

With a huge capacity in terms of capacity, long time, vast context, complex expanded character system … it can be said, the And Quiet Flows the Don is a novel epic not only showing the best. for the humanitarian realism of Solomon, but also typical characteristics of Socialist realism.

There, the author both reappeared the most ruthless truths of history, critiqued and denounced war, and created very typical individuals. diverse classes of people, Russian people before and after the October Revolution. At the same time, hidden under the letter of the peaceful East River is always the agonizing heart of Sodom about two human languages, of an immortal Russian spirit, despite suffering from bitterness, burying and standing firm step forward to the future.

As Gregori – who of the previous generation holding her child in her arms – symbolizes the latter coming home, opening “the whole vast world that is radiantly radiant under the cold sun.”


Vodka Politics: Alcohol, Autocracy, And The Secret History Of The Russian State 1st Edition By Mark Lawrence Schrad (PDF/Epub Download)

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5 psychological crime novels that detective fans cannot ignore

The psychological detective, criminal psychology or psychological thriller is one of the most popular books in the world, check out the best-sellers list on NY Times or Amazon, or the best-selling book charts. countries, make sure at any time you will see a few books of this category.

At the time when the people were at home, the house was closed but did not go out like this, hugging the book and nervously watching each and every very subtle psychological development of the character, isn’t it like that? If you do not know which book to choose, please take a look at the suggestions below!

1. Birdman


Mo Hayder’s first work, with a murky, lyrical voice and a dark plot, is stunned even with the sharpest of minds. The novel recalls the horror that Jack the Butcher, the legendary late 19th-century killer once brought, and its horror concentration has a magical haunting. The circuit brings the reader and the inspector Jack Caffery to reveal the secret of the cold-blooded murder case and the identity of the murderer “Human Human”, promising to bring readers suspenseful, dramatic moments and climax.

If you are a loyal fan of the detective genre – horror, “Human Human” will be a book that you cannot miss.

2. Behind closed door

Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors

Behind the image of a peaceful and peaceful family and a perfect marriage is the cruel “old wolf” Jack Angel and the helpless “lamb” Grace. Once you pick up the book, readers certainly can not stop embarking on a play created by the great writer BA Paris with “sensational” details, “suffocating” knots and deception. spectacular.

Grace’s fight for survival against a cunning psychopath in her own home, promises to be a story that makes your long holidays more special.

3. The woman in the window

The Woman in the Window
The Woman in the Window

Surely all readers have gradually felt cramped and claustrophobic after long days at home avoiding translation, so imagine living a lifetime like that, then everything will be like? That is the life of the character Anna Fox – a person suffering from fear of space with a thoroughly self-contained lifestyle.

By narrowing the reader’s point of view, writer A.J Finn opens up a vast world of mysteries, questions waiting to be answered and hidden corners behind a certain force. A concealed crime, a buried past, a black and white world with a hint of alcohol, all create a glass of “brandy” that captivates readers.

4. The Preacher (the original in Swedish is “Predikanten”)


Without the “choke” knot, the thrilling twist, or the spectacular “upside-down”, the distinctive feature that separates The Preacher from the conventional detective storyline is the truth. The truth when describing the boring and sleepy town of Fjällbacka. The truthful portrayal of each character, each split of a terrifying secret behind a famous clan.

Instead of spending hopelessly long days of a long vacation, invite readers to venture into a surreal world under the pen of talented writer Camilla Lackberg – where the remnants of a dark past exist. 

5. The girl on the train

The girl on the train
The girl on the train

Upon entering the world of Paula Hawkins, readers will immediately be caught up in the psychological matrix that is both ambiguous, incoherent, and haunting of women with different lives in the story.

After the slips from her broken marriage and irresistible thoughts, were fragments of memory of a crime, a certain mystery behind the glimmering haze of alcohol. After the flashy image of a perfect love life of Megan, there is an unruly desire and a terrible tragedy. And after Anna’s sweet life change, there is an unhealthy feeling of disaster coming.

Are readers ready to step on this thrilling train?


Autobiography And The Psychological Study Of Religious Lives By Belzen, J. A. Van; Geels, Antoon

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What do you know about Balmain?

Dubbed the “prince of French fashion” during the Post-World War II period, Balmain is one of the indispensable pillars of the magnificent fashion capital of Paris. Balmain’s designs have always won the favor of top celebrities and elites around the world. Different from some fashion brands that have turned their backs on traditional values in the hustle and bustle of fashion, for more than half a century, Balmain has retained its heritage style in each design.

General introduction

In 1946, designer Pierre Balmain founded the fashion brand named after him in Paris. It was at this point that when peace was restored, fashion was an effective tool to revive the troubled economy and a magnificent light to repel the post-war gloom. Balmain brand is one of the gods in the sublimation of French fashion.

The wide open waist dresses are a symbol of elegance and nobility for women. After the success of the global promotion campaigns, the Balmain brand has owned a huge customer list, bringing together famous names such as star Brigitte Bardot, Marlene Dietrich and Queen Sirikit of Thailand.

For the founder Pierre Balmain, fashion must be a work of art meticulously handcrafted for thousands of hours. So, besides the ready-to-wear fashion line that is always out of stock, haute couture is always a forte where few competitors surpass this brand. The sophisticated and sharp details that are carefully attached to the luxurious evening gown are a feature of this fashion house.

Pierre Balmain and actress Ruth Ford
Pierre Balmain and actress Ruth Ford

Milestones of Balmain

In 1946, after breaking up with the fashion house Lucien Lelong, designer Pierre Balmain decided to establish a fashion brand named Balmain.

In 1969, through the song “Your clothes are all made by Balmain” in the song Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)? by Peter Sarstedt, this fashion house became the most talked about phenomenon in the fashion industry at that time.

In 1951, Balmain began to penetrate the US market. At the same time, Balmain launches the ready-to-wear line for the first time.

In 1960, this brand was the name behind Queen Sirikit’s luxurious dresses during her visit to America.

In the 1970s, it was this fashion house that designed uniforms for Singapore Airlines.

In 1975, the first female Air France pilot wore a uniform designed by Balmain.

On June 29, 1982, the fashion house became an orchestra without conductor after the death of his father, Pierre Balmain. However, it can be said that Balmain is a lucky brand as always led by top design geniuses.

In 1982, shortly after the death of the founder, designer Erik Mortensen, took over and maintained Balmain’s traditional art and style.

In 1993, Oscar de la Renta took over as Creative Director, replacing his predecessor, Hervé Pierre Braillard. Oscar de la Renta’s vision, talent and sense of aesthetics are in perfect harmony with the principles of the fashion house. Under the guidance of this designer, Balmain, once again entered a new glorious era.

Designer Oscar de la Renta launches Spring - Summer 1994 collection
Designer Oscar de la Renta launches Spring – Summer 1994 collection

In 2002, when the conductor de la Renta died. Balmain was in such a state of crisis that he couldn’t afford to create any more lavish haute couture collection.

In 2005, when the fashion village mourned the decline of the empire, designer Christophe Decarmin appeared as a savior reviving this brand from the ashes. Decarmin’s designs always keep Balmain out of stock.

After many years with LVMH Group, Matthieu Petri “took off” to join Balmain. At Balmain, Petri will replace Fabio Aiola as Chief Commercial Officer, reporting directly to Chief Executive Jean-Jacques.

In the new role, Petri will be responsible for optimizing Balmain’s distribution channels. At the same time, he must also ensure consistency in terms of brand image in Balmain’s retail activities.

Sharing with the press, Petri commented: “Balmain has great potential for growth. I can’t wait to contribute to the fashion house’s commercial success with global partners. ” Today’s customers, he says, crave authenticity. They value the integrity of a business. Balmain possesses both of these, very “ingrained” with the movement of the world we live in.

In 2011, the boldness of New Creative Director Olivier Rousteing helped Balmain take a spectacular leap. Balmain’s modern, innovative breath and sparkling lavishness are every woman’s desire.

Incumbent Creative Director Olivier Rousteing
Incumbent Creative Director Olivier Rousteing

Design style of Balmain

When mentioning Balmain, people will immediately think of Jolie Madame’s style that has become this fashion heritage. The wide open waist dresses carrying the message of luxury and elegance are the highlight of Balmain. Not only in form or high-end materials, Jolie Madame’s style is also built by his father, Pierre Balmain, through sharp seams and intricate decorative details.

After Pierre Balmain’s departure, Oscar de la Renta brought this style to the golden age of the designs haute couture, Balmain’s soul. The elegance and nobility are pushed to the top with lacy strips or premium fur lines. By the time of Olivier Rousteing, Balmain had almost a complete blood change.

The powerful and lavish Military style is the main inspiration of today's Balmain fashion house
The powerful and lavish Military style is the main inspiration of today’s Balmain fashion house

Balmain’s regal class is glorified in strong military-style jumpsuit studded with gems or woven from laminated gold thread. The sparkle in Olivier Rousteing’s epic costumes brought an admirable aura to the Balmain empire.


House Of Fashion: Haute Couture And The Modern Interior By Jess Berry

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Elie Saab and the story of Fashion – Fame and Money!

Leaving school in the middle to pursue a passion for wedding dresses, at the age of 18, Elie Saab owned a famous couture garment factory in her hometown of Beirut, Lebanon with 15 professional artisans.

According to Arabian Business, the first rule when it comes to Elie Saab is not to be jealous of being a “super rich” and “super famous” designer. His crystal outfits are the dream of a series of supermodels as well as A-list stars in Hollywood.

Elie Saab portrait
Elie Saab portrait

“Empire” fashion of Elie Saab spread over 22 countries with enough big and small stores from Paris, London to Dubai. Owning a brand worth about 500 million USD, the Lebanese stylist ranked 28th on the list of the most powerful businessmen in Saudi Arabia and fifth in the topmost powerful Arabs in the world in 2011. “I am not just a simple designer, I also have an entrepreneurial vision, Elie Saab said.

The first start to fashion 

The story of Elie Saab from an unknown designer to an expensive stylist in Hollywood is equally attractive to his lovely outfits. The son of a timber trader and a housewife, at the age of 9, the boy Elie has loved making dresses. Elie Saab’s day is almost exclusively drawing, cutting her mother’s curtain and tablecloth to make dresses for her sisters. Lovely dresses then quickly caught the “green eyes” of the neighbors. As a teen, Elie Saab had a number of loyal customers. Thinking about the years as a child, the designer confided: “Born with a passion for dresses, surrounded by beautiful women, from sisters to neighbors, I crave more to make them more elegant “.

The magnificent dresses make Elie Saab's name being famous to the world
The magnificent dresses make Elie Saab’s name being famous to the world

Attended fashion in 1982, but the 18-year-old quickly got bored of school. Confident that he had become a master of the art of dressmaking, he decided to quit his studies to open his first couture factory in Beirut, Lebanon. The money earned at that time helped Elie Saab raise 15 employees at the same time. By the time the introduction of his first collection, the designer’s reputation far exceeded his hometown of Beirut.

He said: “I believe the first and most important thing for designers is to make a personal mark. Persistence, hard work and ambition are enough conditions to help each person overcome difficulties and succeed in fashion “.

Fame and money with Haute Couture’s fashion world

The year 1997 marked the first step of Elie Saab to the world market. He was invited by the Italian Fashion Association (Camera Nazionale della Moda) to show off the collection at Milan Week. Elie Saab was the only non-Italian designer that was introduced to the product at that time. Three years in a row, the stylist resonated when he launched dresses in Rome. In 2000, Elie Saab continued to enter the international fashion industry with a new collection at Paris Fashion Week at the invitation of the High-end Tailor Union (Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture). After endless applause in the fashion capitals, his reputation gradually gained attention from the international press as well as to customers.

One of Elie Saab collection
One of Elie Saab collection

However, it was not until 2002 that Lebanese designers made a real breakthrough in the international fashion arena. This is the first time a product branded Elie Saab shines on the red carpet. The image of Halle Berry with a seductive dress holding up a 2002 Oscar for her outstanding female role in the movie “Monster’s Ball” appeared on the front page of most newspapers and magazines around the world, marking Elie Saab’s name on the Walk of fame of the modern fashion village.

“Actually, it wasn’t the first time that Halle Berry, as well as the Hollywood stars, wore my designs. But the 2002 Oscar was definitely the event that brought the Elie Saab brand closer to the public. Clients, stylist. And celebrities all over the world want to know better about the brand as well as learn about the dress that appeared on the red carpet, “recalls Elie Saab.

Since then, no major event has been without the shadow of Elie Saab branded dresses. They are worn on the top beauties of the world entertainment industry, from Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker to Sophie Marceau. Even supermodel Anja Rubik once admitted: “Every model wants to wear Elie Saab’s dress because they understand it will make me better”. In 2006, Elie Saab became a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, an association that was just for French designers, previously only two stylists from another country, Valentino and Giorgio Armani.

An Ambitious man

Not only at dresses but in recent years, Elie Saab has started to step into accessories, bags, shoes, perfumes, and jewelry. Besides, he also had the ambition to make a line of products for daytime wear instead of just party and wedding dresses as before. According to Elie, making a wedding dress is much simpler than a simple dress. To create a simple dress that women love, it was a challenge.

Elie Saab admits she’s ambitious. He said that this is the driving force that motivated him to rise in his career. The designer himself has never regretted what he did. His campaign is to produce more and more product lines to serve female customers and expand the market for the company in the coming years.


House Of Fashion: Haute Couture And The Modern Interior By Jess Berry

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